Important information about the spread of lice

To: Parents and Guardians

From: School Health Services

At different times in the year, head lice are found among our student population. Lice are parasites that have been around for as long as people can remember. The presence of head lice, by itself, is not an indication of uncleanliness. They can be passed from one person to the next under certain conditions. Because lice must be killed on the head and in the home environment, they can be difficult to destroy. Head lice are a concern of both the school and the community, so we would like to inform you as parents what you can do to help control lice.

Tell your children to never borrow a friend’s comb, brush, hat or towel.

Once a week check the heads of all of your family members for lice and eggs (nits).

Lice are grayish-white or light brown insects that crawl on or near the scalp. They are one-eight to one-fourth inch in length.

The eggs or nits are teardrop-shaped and are firmly attached to the hairs, usually within one-half inch of the scalp. They do not flick off, and therefore, can be distinguished from dandruff.

Please notify the school nurse if you find lice or nits, and we will be able to advise you. You may also wish to notify your doctor.

REMEMBER- Any one can get lice. Having lice is not a disgrace, but informing the school that lice have been found is an important step in helping to control the problem. Of course this information, as with all health information, is kept confidential. If you have any questions, please call the school nurse for accurate information. We need to work together to continue to combat this age-old problem. Thanks for your help.