Important Health Information



Dear Parents or Guardians:

Please be aware Strep throat is going around at this time of the year. Strep throat is a contagious illness caused by the Group A streptococcus bacteria. If your child has a  sore throat with fever you should consult your doctor. Sometimes children with Strep throat will also have headache and stomach ache. To differentiate a bacterial Strep throat from the more common viral sore throat, your doctor will do a throat culture.  If the throat culture is positive for Strep, antibiotics will be prescribed. Children with Strep infections are contagious and may not attend school until they have been on an antibiotic for 24 hours.  Untreated Strep infection can cause other more serious health conditions, so anyone suspecting Strep infection should see their physician promptly for diagnosis and treatment.

Mrs. Farmer RN

School Nurse