Student Presentations presented to Fort Payne Alabama

Fourth grade students in Mr. Martin’s classroom presented their animal research projects to 4th graders at Williams Avenue Elementary School in Fort Payne Alabama.  Martic students researched a preselected animal, wrote a very detailed report and created illustrations of the animal and their habitat.  Using Skype the students were able to present live to a cool classroom in Alabama.  Mrs. Barksdale’s students were very attentive and eager to applaud each one of our speakers.  Students also presented to our Cyber Senior Citizens using Skype.  The Seniors were glad they came to school today via Skype.  They were able to learn a few new facts from our animal presentations.  Learning never stops no matter what your age.

The Cheetah
Are you as fast as a Cheetah?
Skype in the Classroom
I was nervous to speak to the other classroom.
Mrs. Barksdale's 4th Grade Classroom
Hello Fort Payne Alabama
Presentations are fun
Presentations are fun!