Receive a text message with weather related delays/closings

Parents/Guardians & Students,

I am writing to offer a new service to you this year that may allow you to get more sleep.  Everyone loves more sleep right?   This year you can learn about late starts and snow cancellations minutes after the district announces it.   If you have a cell phone, I’m now going to send text message updates to any family who would like to subscribe. Standard text message rates will apply.  To join this service, you simply Text 41411 and write marticinfo in the message box to subscribe to the text message updates! It’s as easy as that! Or you can visit, type in your cell phone number, and hit subscribe!

Here’s how it works…

I created an account at When you send a text to 41411 and write marticinfo in the message box you will receive a welcome message from me. This means you’re subscribed to my text messages. When I receive the call from the district office that school has been delayed or canceled due to inclement weather, I will send a text message from this site and if you have subscribed you will get the text message within minutes.

As soon as you text marticinfo to 41411 you’re subscribed! Simple! Please note two important points of this service.  All phone numbers are kept confidential and you cannot reply to the text messages.

In today’s world, almost everyone is attached to a cell phone so hopeful this will help bridge the communication gap. If you fear that you may wake to a snow day, simply sleep with your phone next to your bed.   You will know very early if you can roll over and catch a few more winks or you have the whole day to shovel the driveway.  We may have to work out a few bugs, but I think it should go well.

Please note again, you cannot reply back to the message. The system disables this feature.  You can only receive them. Also, ALL STANDARD TEXT MESSAGE RATES APPLY based on your carrier!!  In the introductory email, it clearly states how to unsubscribe from this service if you want to discontinue usage.  To unsubscribe, you reply LEAVE MARTICINFO and within seconds you will get a confirmation that you have been removed from the text distribution list.

I hope I only have to use this a few times this year.   We will have to wait and see what kind of weather we will experience.   Please contact me if you have any questions!

Carly McPherson