Where can I find IMPORTANT Martic Information?

DISTRICT/MARTIC INFORMATION RESOURCES – The following list contains excellent resources for information you may need during the year.  Whether you are looking for early dismissal dates/times, kindergarten registration dates, inclement weather information or weekly/monthly activities – one or more of the listed resources may contain an immediate answer to your question and they may save you a phone call or a note:

1.     Martic’s outdoor sign

2.    “Martic Minutes” Monthly Newsletter

3.    Your child’s teacher’s newsletter

4.     District Calendar

5.     Martic Elementary Handbook (given to each student at the beginning of the year)

6.     District Website – www.pennmanor.net (includes the district calendar – click on the “District” link)

7.    Martic Blog – https://martic.pennmanor.net/