Police Presence at Martic

This week if your child came home to announce that Dr. Sugra was visiting classrooms with a state police officer, they were great reporters.   I have contacted Sgt. Tran at the State Police Barracks and requested an increase of officer visitation to our school.   The truth of the matter is that it allows me yet another way to brag about the things going on at Martic.  Police officer visits also allow our children to see that police officers are great men and women who are there to help us and protect us if ever needed.

You may see police cars in our parking lot from time to time.   This is great news as it means Martic is growing the partnership with the Pennsylvania State Police.    Some cute questions that kids asked while one officer was visiting included:

“Are there any girl officers?”  (2nd grader)

“What is your favorite game to play at recess?”  (5th grader)

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