Rawlinsville and Pequea fire companies come to Martic

Martic students were delighted to be joined by our two local fire departments on Friday afternoon.    All of the firemen spent time with our kids to review fire safety and explain all about what it takes to be a fireman.    It was exciting to hear so many difficult questions posed by our students.   Some of the questions included:

  • How long will your air tank last?
  • Do you save animals too?
  • Should we stay in our rooms if the door is closed?
  • How should we feel the back of the door to see if it is hot?

photo (17)

We were also able to recognize Mr. Dennis Drennen for his birthday while he was here to coordinate this informative effort.  The PTO and Martic staff presented monetary donations to both of the fire companies for their service to our school.  Thank you to all who joined us.

photo (19)