Winter Weather Procedures

In the event of bad weather that would require our school to be closed or delayed, I would like to offer the following options where you can look to see if there is a delay or cancellation.

  1. I will post any delay or cancellation on our school blog.   If you are signed up for the Martic blog, you will get an email announcing the delay or cancellation.
  2. Go to the Penn Manor Website.  (
  3. Watch WGAL or WLYH.
  4. Listen to WDAC, WIOV, WLAN, WSBA, WQXA, WJTL and WRKZ

*** If for any reason we have a delay, any morning activity would be cancelled (with the exception of the YWCA before school program).

Special information for the YWCA BEFORE SCHOOL PROGRAM ONLY:

  • If there is a 2 hour delay, the YWCA before school services will open 2 hours late.   (8:30 AM for a 2 hour delay)
  • If there is a 1 hour delay, the YWCA before school services will open 1 hour late.  (7:30 AM for a 1 hour delay)
  • If school is closed, all day care is offered at the YWCA (Lancaster Site) from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM.
  • Early dismissals due to weather:  Sites are closed.   Care is offered at YWCA, but parents need to transport.