Fall Recess Mileage Club Results from Mrs. Young

Martic had a turkey chase,

The students worked very hard to keep their pace!

10 turkeys were finally caught,

Helping others was the lesson taught. 

Thank you students for taking care of your heart and helping other too.

Thank you to our parent volunteers Susie Smith, Diane Eby, Renee Harnish Vinnie Perkins, Karen Rineer and Karen Lausch for keeping the student record charts!
Congrats to 4A and 3B for catching not just one turkey, but two!!

Awesome teamwork kudos to 1D,1A, 2B, 2P, 3B, 3F, 4A, and 4U.  These classes had 100% participation to reach their goal of 200 laps!

Final totals:
4A – 421
3B – 400
2B – 396
2P – 378
4H – 342
1D – 296
3F – 253
1A – 228
6S – 164
4U – 163
5E – 106
5I – 101
6A – 84

Great work…Happy Thanksgiving!
Mrs. Kathy Young