Important Information regarding the snow day

1.   We will now be in session on Tuesday, June 10th.  This will be our last day of school, unless we have more cancellations due to snow.

2.  6th graders are scheduled to go on a field trip to the Lancaster Science Factory. If we have a normal school day, we will depart as scheduled at 9:15 AM from Martic Elementary School.   It is imperative that your child bring a packed lunch or order one from our school cafeteria.   If you plan to order, please send your child’s lunch order to your child’s teacher by 7 PM tonight.  If we have a delay or cancellation, the field trip will be cancelled with the hope of rescheduling.

3.  First graders were going to say goodbye to Mrs. Terry today.   It is sad that many of them will not get that opportunity, but we have coordinated that Mrs. Terry will be in to sub on Friday of this week for Mrs. Douts.   This will allow everyone the opportunity to say goodbye to Mrs. Terry.  We welcome Mrs. Douts back tomorrow (Tuesday).

I hope to see you all tomorrow.  I also hope you had fun in the snow.   I have to admit it was the perfect packing snow for playing outside.

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