Box Tops Winning Class (5I) Celebrates

After collecting the most box tops for the entire school, it was a quick vote for the children in 5-I to decide the special reward they wanted .   A sled and slide party was planned and the students collaboratively worked together to ensure everyone had what they needed for the party (gloves, boots and snowpants).    We joined forces at 2:00 PM and hit the playground.   The conditions were a little icy, but laughter could be heard for miles.

IMG_6429 IMG_6430 IMG_6434 IMG_6438 IMG_6439IMG_6432


Mrs. Rineer was looking after our entire crew and prepared warm cookies and hot cocoa for us when we returned to the school.   Thank you Mrs. Iddings and Mrs. Rineer for an amazing day!    Check out the last and final slide of the day (click the link below).   Please ignore the commentary of the nervous principal.   🙂