The true words of a 1st grader

On Monday of this week we hosted a bucket filler assembly.    During the bucket filler assembly, I asked the children if anyone knew what our school was busy collecting this week.   An adorable first grader raised her hand to respond.  When I took the microphone over to her, she announced to the entire school that Martic was collecting KINDNESS.    It was the sweetest answer, which of course I agreed with her.  I proceeded to the next student who added that we were also collecting canned and boxed goods for the southern end food bank.    I am so glad that I had the help of the student to explain it.   Kids have a great way of putting everything into perspective.   Take a look at some of our donations so far.   We have two more days to deliver KINDNESS to our school.   Thank you to everyone who has already sent in items.

photo (27)