Do you know what is coming?

Wednesday, April 23rd is Administrative Assistant Day (A.K.A. Mrs. Robinson Day).   I point this out to you because it is one of those dates that I feel important to remember in an elementary school.   As many of you know, Mrs. Robinson serves many different roles at our school.  She is a woman with many talents and all of them involve taking great care of our kids at Martic.    I have witnessed her taking a child over to breakfast and sitting with them while they eat, so they are not alone.  I have witnessed her caring for a sick child while the nurse was tending to another task or child.   I have witnessed her laughing with a parent as she assisted the parent to find the necessary paperwork needed for any task.

All I can say is that I am glad to have Mrs. Robsinson join me in the front office as the secretary of our school.

secretaries day