Morning drop off

Now that we are into week two of school, I wanted to provide our families with some reminders regarding morning drop off.

If you are a car rider and dropping your child off in the morning, you would utilize our side entrance. This door is opened by a Martic staff member at 8:45 AM and open until 9:00 AM. If you are dropping off and this entrance is locked, that means our day already started and you will need to report to the front entrance and sign your child in late.

Children riding the buses are permitted to get off the bus and eat breakfast. If you have already qualified for FREE or REDUCED lunch, this also applies to breakfast. Please talk with your child about whether you want them to eat breakfast or not. Children who are REDUCED or FULL PAY sometimes go to breakfast and their parents don’t know. It is important to understand we will always feed children, so we need your help to ensure your children are following your desire to eat breakfast or not eat breakfast. Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:00 every day.

If you have not considered signing up for FREE or REDUCED lunch, please do so. If you feel your family would benefit from this service, we encourage you to sign up. You can access the free and reduced application by clicking HERE.