Martic SWEEP Program: Student WeekEnd Eating Program

Martic Elementary School partners with the Solanco Food Bank to provide weekend meals for students who may need the support.  We understand that times can be difficult in this economy and the cost of food can be overwhelming, so the Food Bank is offering a weekend food bag, per elementary student in need, each weekend throughout the school year starting Friday, September 13th, 2019.  To participate in this program, your family must qualify for free lunches at school.   

The food will be delivered to school each Friday (or the last day of the week if we have vacation days), and it will be given to students in large, brown, paper bags before going home.  The Food Bank will try to offer a variety of pre-packaged foods each week.

How you participate?  There are several ways to sign up . . .1.  If your child/ren participated in the SWEEP Program last year, please look for a letter from Mrs. Juba.  Your child/ren will be automatically re-enrolled in the program from the first distribution on Sept. 13th through Oct. 18th!  Around mid-October, Mrs. Juba will send you a second letter to verify that your family qualifies for free lunch after October 10th.
2.  If your child/ren have not participated in the SWEEP Program in the past, but you have a direct certification letter and you know that your child/ren will qualify for free lunch this school year OR you are in the process of reapplying for free lunch and you think your child/ren may qualify by October 10th, please contact Mrs. Juba at 717-284-4128, x3405 or by email at
Thank you!