Meet next year’s teacher.

Every year we plan a “move up event” for the purpose of children meeting their new teacher for the following year. This happens during the day and is helpful for children to transition to the next grade level and also helps students see who will be in their classroom next year.

We plan to host our move up day again this year, but it will be virtually. Every child will get to spend about 20 minutes with their new classroom teacher. This special event will happen on May 28th. The schedule is below. In order for you to join the session, you will need to get the log in link from your current classroom teacher. They will email you. To plan ahead, please see the schedule below.

Moving into 1st grade: 9:30 AM (this is for current kindergarten students)
Moving into 2nd grade: 10:00 AM (this is for current first graders)
Moving into 3rd grade: 10:30 AM (this is for current second graders)
Moving into 4th grade: 12:30 PM (this is for current third graders)
Moving into 5th grade: 11:30 AM (this is for current fourth graders)
Moving into 6th grade: 12:00 PM (this is for current fifth graders)