Computer delivery….attention 1st-4th graders

As you know the Penn Manor School Board voted to provide computers for all learners in grades 1 – 12. This means we will be trying to coordinate the delivery of MANY computers to children over the next few weeks. In order for any student to be provided a laptop, parents and students must complete and return a signed document.

Teachers are excited to begin distributing laptops so they can train children in ways to log on and practice accessing certain learning opportunities.

If you follow this link: please read 815.1 – Responsible Use of Internet and Network Resources. Once you read this document and agree, you can sign the Student/Parent Responsible Use Signature Form and return it to school. (You only need to send back the part you sign….one page.) The best ways to return this signed document to ensure that your child will get their laptop right away.

  1. Sign the document and send it back to your classroom teacher. (Did you know that if you have an iphone, you can use the notes app as a scanner?)
  2. Print this document and send it in to the attention of your child’s teacher.
  3. Print this document and send it the very first day of school.

If your child registered for school this year… you already signed this document and there is no reason to sign it again. This applies most to children in grades 1-4.