End of day or mid-day pick up


This will be a change to our pick up procedures. This year, if you plan to pick your child up at the end of the day or mid-day for an appointment you will need to complete this google form. You can access it from this link:


Or you can access it by using this QR code.

End of day pick up line: If you are picking up your child EVERY day, you can complete one note/google form entry and send it to Mrs. Stringer. If you have a schedule such as every Monday/Tuesday, please send those to Mrs. Stringer one time. You are able to record this in the special notes. If it is a random schedule you will need to sign up on those days.

If you are picking your child up mid-day for an appointment or event, you must complete the form.

This will be helpful to minimize paper transfer. Thank you.