Lunch Menu, dining options and where we will eat

This year, our cafe will be offering three lunch options.

  • A Lunch (our typical hot lunch)
  • C Lunch (PBJ) or
  • D Lunch (yogurt and string cheese)

Our children will be separated for eating…. depending on the week, they might eat in the CAFE, Courtyard or Gymnasium. If your child has an aversion to eating on grass or picnic style, please send a towel for them to sit on in their backpack. We can also make accommodations for them to eat at a separate table in the cafe/stage area.

The menu for the first two weeks of school is below.

  • Monday 8/31
    • Chicken patty on roll, or PBJ or yogurt and string cheese vegetables and fruit Milk
  • Tuesday
    • Hot dog on bun or PBJ or Yogurt, baked beans, fruit, milk
  • Wednesday
    • Turkey and Cheese on pretzel roll or PBJ or yogurt, broccoli, fruit, milk
  • Thursday
    • Pizza or  PBJ or yogurt, carrots, fruit, milk
  • Tuesday 9/1
    • Popcorn chicken w/roll or PBJ or yogurt, fruit, vege, milk
  • Wednesday
    • Burger w/roll or PBJ or yogurt, fries, fruit, milk
  • Thursday
    • Chef Boyardee w/roll or PBJ or yogurt, corn, fruit, milk
  • Friday
    • Pizza stick w/marinara or PBJ or yogurt, carrots, fruit, milk