Skating Party Scheduled

Be sure to reserve the evening of January 24th for the next community event sponsored by our Martic PTO.    We will be skating at the Castle Roller Rink located at 1400 Elm Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603.  The skating party will be closed to just students, parents and friends from Martic Elementary.   The PTO will pay for your entrance fee and all skaters must rent their own skates.  Rental for skates will cost $4.00.    The skating party begins at 5:30 PM and ends at 8:00 PM.   Every student who attends will need to have a parent chaperone stay with them on sight and no outside food or drink is permitted.   The Castle plans to incorporate some fun skating games, such as the hokey pokey and the limbo competition.   Our students can also submit recommendations for favorite skating songs.    It is going to be a blast.