Our caring Martic family…..

On Tuesday, one of our Martic families experienced a devastating event of a house fire.   You can see more from the lancaster online link.    Of course our staff was moved to action right away.    As we learned more about the needs for the family, our school team decided the best way we could help was to raise money and support the family in this way.   My giving team of teachers raised $1,000.00 in one day.   This money, along with gas cards and some other replacement supplies for the children were provided to the family on Friday morning.

The family will be displaced with another family for a short period of time and then have to make some other decisions regarding their future rebuild.   Some of our Martic families have inquired about the best way to support this family.    If you are moved to help in any way, gift cards and donations can be forwarded to school to Mrs. Stringer’s attention.  These will be forwarded to the family to support them during this difficult time.   I love how gracious our families are to support others.


Jump Rope for Heart and Toe Tokens

Dr. Janssen was able to recognize all of the children who helped raise money for Jump Rope for Heart and also for our children who are earning toe tokens by participating in the Martic runner’s club.

The three children below earned the recognition of making the WALL OF HONOR by earning more than $150.00.    Haley raised $200.00, Madison raised $285.00 and Vinnie raised $535.00.   In total our school raised $2885.00.   These efforts are so appreciated.

The children below ran five miles during recess running club. (Ellie, Kaleigh, Madison, Owen, Cole and Ben)

These children ran ten miles in the recess running club. (Austin, Dr. Janssen, Wade)

Guess who celebrates a birthday next week?

Dr. Seuss!   That is who is celebrating their birthday next week.    Our first graders are planning to celebrate the entire week.  They also invited the entire school to participate.   We accepted.   The fun ways we will celebrate are listed below.   Have fun joining in on the fun.

Monday – Be a Who in Whoville – Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday – Thing One & Thing Two – Twin Day: dress like a twin
Wednesday – Cat in the Hat – Hat Day
Thursday – Fox in Sox – Wear Crazy Sox
Friday – Green Eggs and Ham – Wear Green


photo of cat in hat book

mini-THON is here and you are invited!

Join us as all of Penn Manor celebrates our efforts to raise money for Four Diamonds and their fight against childhood cancer.

  • Who: You! Students, Teachers, Administrators, and everyone in the Penn Manor family.
  • What: miniTHON Community Hour – games, dancing, photo booth, face painting, snacks and more!
  • When: Friday, February 23, 4 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Penn Manor High School Central Complex

RSVP: There’s no need to RSVP; just join us! Bonus points for wearing red, white and/or blue!

Resources available regarding school shootings

We are all deeply saddened by the recent school shooting in Florida.

If you or your child(ren) are having difficulties in the aftermath of this tragedy, we have posted resources on our website that may help.

There you will find a letter from Penn Manor superintendent Mike Leichliter, along with advice about talking with children and coping with distress. Also posted is information about responding to violent intruders.

Please go to this page  by clicking here.

Fourth Grade Math Bowl Participants

On Thursday of this week, Martic hosted the Math Bowl for 4th grade teams from every elementary school.   We are very proud of our Martic team members who worked hard to solve the difficult math questions.   Way to go!


Four children sitting at cafe table after the math bowl


Martic families and faithful blog followers ~

We have updated our blog and want to update all of our subscribers.    Effective Friday evening any existing subscribers to our blog will be deleted.   Parents and blog subscribers are being asked to please renew their subscription to our blog to ensure they continue to get our latest information.

Please sign up by clicking “Subscribe by Email” box on this page: https://martic.pennmanor.net/contact-information/

Every subscriber on this blog will be deleted effective Friday, February 9th at 5:00 PM.    Over the weekend, please make it a priority to resubscribe to our blog to stay current.    We thank you for your continued commitment to staying up to date with Martic Happenings.


100 feels really old….

Today our first graders finally got to celebrate the 100th day of school.    The children dressed like older folks.  They brought in projects that displayed 100 items and they celebrated with snack of 100 snacks.   It was a full day planned of fun that was interrupted by our delay, so there might be a little extra celebration tomorrow.    🙂   Take a look at our very authentic 100 year olds, with the sweetest faces.    Yep, even our teachers.

little girl dressed up like old ladylittle girl dressed up like old lady


My students are 100 days smarterHappy 100 days sign


two teachers dressed up like old ladies a smiley 1st grader in a 100 days of school shirt


3 boys dressed up like old mena first grader with a gray beard bigger than his whole face


Math Bowl Visitors

Today we are hosting the 4th grade math bowl.   Some of our visitors might encounter pipe line construction which sometimes delays traffic, I would encourage you to leave at least 30 minutes early to avoid any delays.

Our school phone number is 717-284-4128 in case you do experience a delay, please give the school a call.