Social Media Reminder

At Martic, we engage in conversations with students about the importance of authentic posts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.  It is important for our students to know that when they post on social media there are consquences if they are posting things that are not true.   Posted media can discredit a person or an institution and that is why it is so important that folks wait to post until they know if it is true.   

I would like to ask that parents follow these same guidelines.   Also, if you see a post that claims something is happening at Martic, I would request that you take the time to call and inquire, before you comment, add or engage in claims that are not authentic.   

We want your children to be responsible citizens and want them to know the value of their words.    Encouraging our children to be responsible and kind is the best guidance we can provide them.   

Thank you!   

Holiday Concert 2018

Our holiday concert on Wednesday evening was a festive celebration for all of our families.   Our talented students put on quite a show for everyone to enjoy.     The video below is a compilation of pictures and videos from that performance.   This way you can share this with members of your family from all over.   

Reminder ~ Fundraiser pick up is TONIGHT from 5:00-8:00 PM


As a reminder, parents are encouraged to come pick up your fundraising order this evening from 5:00-8:00.   At this time we believe that pick up will be from our gym lobby entrance.   Please use the side parking lot circle to enter the building by the gymnasium.   Our PTO will be there waiting for you so you can have a quick pick up.

Thank you so much for all of those who supported this fundraiser.

Penn Manor ~ 2 hour delay with modified kindergarten on November 16th

On Friday, November 16th,  the Penn Manor School District will be working on a 2 hour delay with modified kindergarten.

As a reminder for the modified kindergarten schedule:

  • Morning kindergarten students will be picked up by the bus two (2) hours later than usual.  They will be dismissed at 12:45 p.m. for parent pickup.
  • Afternoon kindergarten students start 50 minutes later than usual.  School starts at 1:45 p.m. and they are dismissed at 3:25 p.m. as usual.

YWCA and KDG WRAP schedule for today

Due to Penn Manor closing early, the YWCA will not host services at Martic.  If you need after school services, you do have the option of picking your child up and taking them to the downtown YWCA.

If your child is involved in the kindergarten WRAP program, please make arrangements to pick them up at the close of AM kindergarten.    The children are dismissed at 11:30 AM.

Thank you.


Penn Manor Elementary Early Dismissal due to Weather 12:15 PM

Penn Manor will be dismissing early today.   Students from Martic will be dismissed at 12:15 PM.    All evening events are cancelled and we will not host PM kindergarten.   AM kindergarten students will leave at normal pick up time.

Be safe.

snow covered school bus

Attention parents of Head Start students

Our Head Start classroom will be closing early today due to anticipated weather conditions.  Parents should make arrangements to pick their child up at 11:00 AM from the front entrance of Martic.   Please be timely for pick up,  as other parents will be arriving to pick up kindergarten students around 11:15 AM.    Thank you.



Did you hear about the possibility of snow? Please read below.

Can you believe the weather forecast?   Well at Martic, we are prepared.

Just a reminder:

In the event of winter weather conditions, sometimes our district has to operate on a delayed schedule or close due to driving conditions.  If you have a meeting scheduled at school the day we have a cancellation or delay, the meeting would be cancelled and rescheduled to another date/time.  For all weather information, notifications are best found by checking the Martic Blog.   I will post on our Martic blog as soon as I know there is a delay.

School closings and delays will also be reported on local radio and television stations before 6 a.m., whenever possible.  They also will be posted on the district website, mobile phone app and Twitter feeds.  You can also call the inclement weather hotline at 872-9500, ext. 2333, to find out the status of Penn Manor schools.

When inclement weather conditions develop during the day, resulting in an early closing, parents will be notified via automated phone call. High school and middle school students will generally be dismissed first, followed by elementary students.  Please note that phone calls will NOT be made for closings/delays announced before the school day begins.


Box Tops News

During the month of October our PTO submitted 3,000 boxtops that were collected by our parents.   Thank you so much for everyone who cut and handed in box tops for us.   It really does help!
We will continue to collect box tops and have a challenge coming up in the Spring.    Effective November 15th, we will again be collecting.   Please continue to carefully cut these if you have time.   Believe it or not, if our volunteers need to recut all of the box tops, it takes a great amount of time.
Thank you for helping us in this capacity.
Box Top label

What can you find on your parent sapphire portal?

Our student information system offers a parent portal that all parents can sign up and have an account.   This account affords you access to many different forms that are helpful to find.

Grades 3-6

You can find all grades, assignments and make up work.   This keeps a running tally of how your child is doing.   All report cards are posted to sapphire a few day after we send the paper copy home.  Report cards reside in sapphire forever, so you can go in and get them at a later date.  You can check attendance.    You can see how many days your child missed school or was tardy.    I would encourage all parents to look in the “file cabinet” for various health screening reports.

Grades K-2

There is less you can access, but still a gift.   Attendance, filing cabinet forms, and contact information.   All great items.

If you are not already signed up for a sapphire account, I would encourage you to complete the paperwork and get a parent account.  See below.

Please consider obtaining a Sapphire account to review student grades, attendance, etc.  Simply click on the link below and follow the directions to obtain this account.  If you have previously obtained a Sapphire account, there is NO NEED to submit the documentation again.  Your username, password and pin # are all still valid.   If you already have an account and you desire to add a child who recently entered school, you can do this on your own by clicking on your name once you are logged in… then click on students on the left side.   At the bottom of the page there is an option to request access to other students.