Reminder ~ Early Dismissal tomorrow

Just a reminder that we have an early dismissal tomorrow.    This means all children will be dismissed 2 hours early from school (1:30 PM).  This also means that the bus drop off time at the end of the day will be 2 hours earlier.   If you forget this time, please refer to your transportation letter that was sent out.

Early dismissals and how they pertain to kindergarten:     On early dismissal days we host one class of kindergarten.   It is either AM or PM.   Tomorrow, October 19th, all of the PM class will attend school the full day (9:00-1:30) and they eat lunch at school.    The AM class will not have school on this day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Martic begins to broadcast the morning announcements

Today was the very first day that our 6th grade news crew broadcasted our digital announcements.   This was an idea inspired by Judy Keller and Brian Plumbo (I love progressive thinkers!).   Students in 6th grade auditioned for various positions and they will explore these roles over the next few weeks.    The most incredible part of this new initiative is the addition of closed captioning for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) class.   This makes the announcements accessible and enjoyable to all of the students at Martic.

It does my heart good to know that every child at Martic is considering the needs of all children and fulfilling those needs.   This shows full collaboration among students.    To say the least, I am very proud of them for their very first production.   Take a peek below and share in the fun.


Parent-Teacher Conference are coming…..

Conferences are coming soon…. we will host conferences on November 7th and 8th.   This week you should get a blue paper that is requesting the best time for you to meet.  There will be a limited amount of conferences available on Wednesday evening.  Please be sure to check with all of the adults in your family who will be attending the conference so we can satisfy all parent wishes.  This is especially important in families who share custody.   Planning ahead with all parents and guardians, helps to ensure that every parent is at the conference.    We want to be able to brag about your children.   🙂

Follow up from our assembly today……

Today we had an assemby to talk about two special classes that we have at Martic.   The assembly shared information about students with autism and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.    We have children at Martic who have autism and children who are deaf and hard of hearing.   We also have some staff members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

At our assembly children learned great strategies to be a good friend to children with autism and deaf or hard of hearing children.  They also learned how to get the attention of a deaf child who they really want to play with at recess.

  • Gentle shoulder tap
  • Hand wave in peripheral sight zone
  • Tapping on desk or table

The fun part came when we learned some sign language.   Please take time to ask your children to teach you the sign for good morning, friend, play and help.    They were great learners today, please make them great teachers tonight.

sign language for the sign friend sign language for the sign good morning



Our playground is almost finished……

Although we have some grading of the soil and some grass seeding to do, our playground is open for play.   FINALLY!    The children had a blast the last two days feeling the foam and playing on the structures.     Because our playground just opened again, I plan to reveiw the rules of our playground with the kids tomorrow at our assembly.     If you also could remind your child of these rules, it would be helpful.

  1. No jumping off of the swings.
  2. Only slide down the slide, no running up.
  3. No hanging upside down on any of the structures.

Kids are feeling the bounce on the structure, but they assume that the soft cushion might be enough if they jump very high.   Please remind them that the foam flooring is not a trampoline and you can still get hurt if you jump from high structures or fall down.   We love the new flooring, but of course would love to avoid injuries.


PTO hosts guest speaker at Tuesday meeting 8:00 AM

Please consider joining us on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 8:00 AM in the Martic library for our PTO meeting.  Chad Billman a district technology specialist will be joining us to discuss the district’s 1:1 technology initiative in grades 4, 5 and 6.  This will help parents to get answers to any questions they have regarding laptops and the possibility of these laptops coming home (grades 5 and 6 only).    Hope to see you there!





Bingo for all ages! Thank you Martic PTO.

On Thursday evening our PTO sponosored a family fun night of BINGO, food and prizes.   What a great way to settle into the long weekend.   Bingo was fun for all ages and the winners were delighted by their amazing prizes.   Thank you to our PTO for planning such fun events for our families to enjoy.    We appreciate your hard work.

No School ~ Friday, September 28th

There is no school tomorrow.  It is an in-service day for teachers.  Enjoy your long weekend.

Playground update

We lost a little time due to rain, but the sun came out this afternoon and we were able to get some work accomplished.   Take a look at the progress.   You can also see a close up view of the color schema.    I am hoping for a dry day tomorrow so they can continue working.   I am anxious to report an opening day of our new playground.  Stay posted!

playground flooring up close... red and black speckles new playground flooring in red and black new playground flooring in red and black new playground flooring in red and black

Martic has an all school field trip.

On Monday of this week we had an incredible trip to Herr’s Snack Factory and also Plumpton Park Zoo.   Our morning group had a little bit of drizzle at the zoo, but the cooler temperatures enticed the animals out of their shelters for great viewing.    I could not be more proud of our kids.   They embraced a cloudy, misty day and made it wonderful.   I heard at least six compliments from the adults regarding our student’s behaviors.    One quote was, “This was the most well behaved group we have had.”     I am principal proud.

Take a look at the video collection of pictures below that shows our day.