Lifetouch pictures are coming soon.

Picture day is quickly approaching. Due to our blended schedule we have two different days that pictures will be offered so we can accommodate all of our students. All students who attend Martic Elementary and Penn Manor Virtual School students are welcome to join us for photos.

Parents will need to be extra mindful about the schedule for their child’s class. I would encourage all parents to order photos online. You can order by clicking HERE.

October 5 (Group A)October 8 (Group B)

How to order library books?

Students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade will begin book exchange again on September 23, 2020. This will look differently as Mrs. Duff will be coming into the classrooms with a cart of books for children to pick from. If the children in these grade levels want more selections, they will need to use this video explanation for how to select books online.

For our students in grades 3-6. Parents, along with their students, can get on and select books they wish to check out. These books will be delivered to their classrooms during a book exchange rotation. Please watch the video for a clear explanation on how to order books online.

Reflection from our first Virtual Wednesday

Parents… I am reaching out as I need your help.   Teachers are planning lessons for online learning on Wednesdays and I fear that these lessons are not being approached with the educational commitment from some of our scholars.   We recognize that this is new and NOT how we wish it could be, but we are committed to providing quality instruction during these times.   So, I am providing these reminders about appropriate conduct during a google meet with our teachers, as this is an extension of our commitment to teaching and learning.   

  • Children should be in front of their laptops, seated and ready to learn.  
  • Children should refrain from eating while on their meets.  (They don’t eat during school and are provided a 15 minute break in the middle if they are very hungry.)  
  • Cameras should be on at all times during the session for all children during the lesson.
  • If children need to leave camera for a restroom break or another reason, they need to ask permission from their teacher to leave the meet or turn their camera off.
  • Messages sent to the chat during the lesson are reserved for instructional purposes ONLY.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their learner… parents should not raise their hands to provide answers to questions posed by the teacher.   
  • Students should pick one location to remain for the duration of the lesson.  This location should be an appropriate learning space.   A dog box, under the bed and outside on a swing is NOT an appropriate learning spot.   
  • I will be online during these google meets monitoring conduct and can’t wait to see our respectful amazing learners.    
  • Thank you for helping us as we navigate these new online lessons.

Request for photos from our parents….

We have a new yearbook editor this year…. her name is Sam Doulin and what a year to take over.    We had a virtual meet today and are progressing with plans for a grade level yearbook.   We will include photos from students who are attending school at Martic and also Penn Manor Virtual School students.   Because some of the photos will be taken at home of your child learning, we are going to need parent help.  

If you have a photo you feel is yearbook quality and high resolution, please send them to    Please put the grade level of the child in the subject line.  Thank you for your contribution.   

Also… if you are interested in layouts and photos and yearbook spreads…. let us know. We could use some help creating this wonderful keepsake.


Attention ALL 6th graders: Yearbook cover contest

ATTENTION ALL SIXTH GRADERS! This applied to ALL 6th graders, students in our blended model and our Penn Manor Virtual Students.

Would you like to have your artwork featured as the cover for the 2020-2021 yearbook? Well, then it’s time to start creating! We are
inviting you to enter your drawing for this year’s yearbook cover. One winner will be selected to be displayed on the front and one winner will be selected to be displayed on the back cover.

Due: October 7, 2020

Submit art to your sixth grade teacher on an 8.5×11 sheet of white paper, must be vertical orientation

All entries must include:
• Our name—Martic Elementary School
• The school year—2020-2021

Tips for a good entry:
• Lots of color
• Use up the whole sheet of paper

Include on a separate piece of paper with your drawing
• Your name
• Your teacher


Attention Grades 3-6 Wednesday is our first Virtual day

I am delighted that we are in our first full week. That makes the schedule a little more consistent. As a reminder for our students in grades 3-6, school is virtual on Wednesday. I am providing you with a reminder of the schedule below so you are clear with the times. Your children will be guided by their teacher how to access the online instruction and children should be experts on getting online.

Grades 3-6
8:20-9:00 AMTeacher office hours by appointment
9:00-9:15 AMHomeroom Check in
9:15-10:15English/Language Arts (ELA)
12:00-3:45Teacher Office Hours by Appointment

What does school look like during COVID?

Although nothing feels normal about our new schedule or our new attire, I can honestly report that I am very proud of how the children have made school a priority this week. Kids are back…. learning, writing stories, solving math equations and showing their scholarly abilities. This looks different. We sometimes problem solve on the playground. We love to work on our computers. We sometimes eat outside, we sometimes eat in the cafeteria and sometimes we eat in the gym. We are extremely flexible and happy. Thank you to all of our parents and guardians for sending your children with such positive attitudes and encouraging a great passion for learning. We appreciate all of our families.

Community Input

Penn Manor School District is seeking input from the community to help develop a recommendation for the Board of School Directors to consider during its public meeting on Monday, September 21. The administration is considering a possible recommendation to have all students (K-12) physically return to school five days a week instead of continuing with the current Blended Learning schedule. If this were to occur, Penn Manor would continue to follow the health and safety precautions now in place. However, with all students physically in school, there would be limitations on social distancing in classrooms and more students on buses, in hallways and in cafeterias. Please provide your input by completing this survey by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, September 15. We appreciate your valuable feedback. 

Scan your Box Tops….

Martic families…. at our PTO meeting last night we discussed how the cutting of Box Tops is history and the scanning of Box Tops is the new goal. When you download the app, it is super easy. Your child could actually scan the receipt for you. Please review the video below on how to use the app and be sure that you sign up to your favorite school…. MARTIC ELEMENTARY.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications Sent Home

All parents… please consider applying. This even applies to kindergarten. It provides you a great benefit that lasts all year. Applications should be submitted ASAP. See previous post below.

Our cafeteria opened up today and was ready to serve breakfast and lunch to any child. One wonderful service is our Free and Reduced meal program. I encourage all parents to fill out the application to determine if they are eligible. It helps our school and it helps our families. To complete this application, you can follow this link to our food services page. Once there, scroll down to the APPLY for FREE / REDUCED APPLICATION.

Many parents don’t fill out the application because they begin the year with free meals. This application MUST BE RENEWED every year. If you are still getting this service, it is left over from a previous year and the service will run out in October. Please be proactive and fill it out in advance of this deadline.