Weather Delay and Cancellation information…. plan ahead

Just a reminder:

In the event of winter weather conditions, sometimes our district has to operate on a delayed schedule or close due to driving conditions.   Stay connected for weather delay/closing notifications best by checking the Martic Blog.   I will post on our Martic blog as soon as I know there is a delay.

School closings and delays will also be reported on local radio and television stations before 6 a.m., whenever possible.  They also will be posted on the district website, mobile phone app and Twitter feeds.  You can also call the inclement weather hotline at 872-9500, ext. 2333, to find out the status of Penn Manor schools.

When inclement weather conditions develop during the day, resulting in an early closing, parents will be notified via automated phone call. High school and middle school students will generally be dismissed first, followed by elementary students.  Please note that phone calls will NOT be made for closings/delays announced before the school day begins.

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a photo of Martic Elementary front entrance covered in snow

The importance of homework….. important read for parents

When I tell you that I can relate to a busy life at home, I hope you trust that I feel your pain of the craziness of the evenings.   Sometimes during these times of being overwhelmed by being busy, I question homework.   Why do my kids have it?  Are teachers even checking it?  Do teachers understand that I would like for my kids to have a little down time?

Our staff discussed homework at our last faculty meeting.   When is it appropriate to assign?   What is too much?   Why is it important?  And the best one, Is it truly necessary?   I asked every teacher to reflect on their homework practices and ask the question of the gains we are getting from homework.   Here is the final verdict…. if our teachers are choosing to assign students with homework, they are mindfully selecting the homework assignments to reinforce lessons that are being taught in school.  It is to continue and reinforce learning at school.   Since our teachers are being very mindful of these assignments, I would ask that you be very attentive to completing the homework assigned.   The teachers have very carefully selected these assignments and kept your child in mind while doing it.

When we send homework home, we do indeed expect the child to be able to complete it.   In all cases, if your child has a hard time with their homework, please do not allow them to struggle for over an hour on anything.   Please write a note to the teacher indicating your attempt and specific area of confusion so the teacher can address it the next day.

We always appreciate the support you offer our teachers and students.   Thank you again for the same support as it applies to homework.


Student thinking about homework clipart



Meet Luigi

Teachers love to have fun with learning and this is also true in our music classroom.  Take a look at this film of Luigi.  He might look like a music teacher you know and love, but he visited us to review the art of making pizza pies and how this equates to musical notes.




Holiday, season attire

On Thursday, December 14th our school will sponsor a holiday, season, dress up day.   Pick the color that matches whatever holiday or season that you celebrate and wear it proudly that day.   It will be fun to participate in a day of holiday color.

Holiday Happenings

Last evening our PTO hosted the annual Holiday Happenings event.   There were crafts for kids, balloon animals, great food and awesome low cost gifts.  Thank you to all that helped to make this event a success for our families.    You can take a look at some of the pictures from last evening.

little girl with face painting of a puppy dog with tongue out Little boy with painted spiderman face people attending holiday happenings the food tables at holiday happenings tables set up for holiday happenings

Peach bottom tests sirens

The semi-annual testing for the peach bottom sirens will be held this week.  Sirens will be blown for the full three minutes.  This is a routine test of the system.   Peach Bottom sirens will be activated on Wednesday, December 6th at 1:00 PM.


An image of siren with the word siren underneath it

Attendance reminders ~

As we move forward with the school year there is the possibility that children get sick.  It happens and we understand that germs sometimes win.    I would offer you the following reminder that is important to ensure you do not get unlawful absences.   When your child is sick please remember to submit a note from a parent or a doctor within three days of the absence.  This helps to avoid unlawful absences.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to submit a note.   You can use this link to ensure the note is timely.

Attendance Form

Thinking ahead….. to the Martic Talent Show

I am starting to think about the initial planning of the Martic talent show.   Before I can begin that process, I need to reach out and see if I have some parent volunteers who are willing to help with that event.   You need two volunteers three nights after school from 3:30-5:30 and then you need to be present for the actual show.   Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Believe Delivery Information

A message from our PTO ~
Believe Delivery Dry Goods errors or concerns please call 888-816-1116 within 2 weeks of delivery. Please contact Lindsay Horton with perishable item order errors via or 423-443-9144. A list of perishable item numbers with corresponding product names has been listed below to assist you in your fundraiser delivery.
Martic PTO would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work in making this fundraiser a success!
1865 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough
1876 Mint Chocolate Chunk
1887 Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough
1898 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1900 Butter Sugar Cookie Dough
1911 Peanut Butter
1923 Carnival Candy
1934 Strawberry Shortcake
1945 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
1956 Triple Chocolate Chunk
1967 Cranberry Oatmeal
1989 Double Chocolate Chip Brownies
1992 Double Chocolate Chip
2004 Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake
2011 Chocolate Reese’s Pieces
2022 Butter Toffee Crunch
2033 Otis Spunkmeyer Loaf Cake
2062 Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin Pack
2574 Pumpkin Roll
2585 Red Velvet Roll
4101 Auntie Annes Pretzels
4119 Jalapeno Snack Rolls
4147 Auntie Annes Pretzel Bites
4158 Cinnabon Gooey Bites
4900 5″ Variety Snack Pack Pizza 5Pk
9109 Variety Cheesecake
9112 Turtle Cheesecake
9227 Oreo Churros

School lunch options…..

If you have a packer, you know how quickly children grow tired of cold sandwiches.   This is when I wish I had options.   Well, starting November 20th, our students will have some options.   We will add a microwave as an option to our lunch line.    This will be for students who have packed left overs and desire to warm something up for a hot meal.

Please note, it is important that you have a conversation about the correct kind of container to pack that is microwave safe.   It is also important that you advise your child that there could be a line, so they might want to continue to the option of the thermos, if they feel this is a successful practice.

To get started with the use of the microwave, we will start with our oldest most responsible kiddos.   Sixth and fifth graders will be invited to use the microwave starting on November 20th.    We will monitor how this is working and work to expand this usage for younger students.

We are excited to provide kids more options.   Thank you for supporting us as we try new things.

a cafeteria tray with a lunch displayed on it