Parents and Guardians ~ Please consider helping with the Martic PTO!!  

The success of the Martic PTO depends on the talents, ideas and help provided by parents, guardians and teachers working together.  We really need YOU!    There truly is something for everyone to be a part of.  Remember, even if you are unable to come to school during the day, there are many other ways you can help out.  Volunteering for your school is a great way to be involved with your kids, help your community and maybe even establish new friendships.  We encourage you to join us at our monthly meetings and consider helping a committee for the upcoming school year.  Please let us know where your interests are and how you would like to be involved.

2023-2024 Officers

You can contact the PTO Board by emailing or call the office at (717) 284-4128.

President: Jody Clark

Vice-President: Samantha Doulin

Secretary: Jen Kloppman

Treasurer: Shawn Lehman